Adapted Football International Tournament

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The Adapted Football International Tournament – TIFA is currently one of the most important Disability Football Tournaments in Portugal. Since the first edition, 56 Teams have already been in our tournament representing their countries. Every year about 300 players participate in multiple matches for a full day of competition, fantastic experiences and extraordinary opportunities to compete with teams from other cultures. The proximity to the sea area allows everyone to enjoy the beautiful beaches all along the coast. The amazing weather at this time of the year makes TIFA much more than a football tournament… through football creates the possibility to meetings both outside and on the field with participants from multiple countries, being currently the most international disability football tournament in our Country. Also is the only competition for disabled people that is held in a grass field outdoor stadium.

TIFA Vision

1. This tournament has been design for those teams who look forward for INCLUSION, so everyone is allowed to compete without compromise the football level.

2. The proximity to the sea allows everyone to enjoy the beautiful beaches all along the Algarve. The tournament is held in the most touristic area of Portugal, so the restaurants, clubs and other animations are mostly open to welcome your team.

3. Every year we prepare a lot of surprises to make the TIFA experience more Inclusive for everyone. We put together a full program with networks meetings, animation, places to go, and lots of special offers for your team.


TIFA will be played following disability modified FIFA’s football rules. The limit for team’s applications is 12 teams. If the maximum enrollment of teams is reached before the deadline for registrations, registrations will close before the scheduled date. The first teams that make the registration will have a greater probability of being accepted to participate. Teams participation only be assured after a confirmation email. Note that in previous editions the tournament has not been able to accept all teams that wished to enter.

Who Are Available to Participate

All clubs and associations, which have a Disabled Football team, are welcome to participate in TIFA. The team must be composed of Players into PAN Disability, Cerebral Palsy or Learning Disabilty, and “Mixed” teams are allowed . In countries where disabled football is operated by the schools we also allow those teams to enter the Tournament.

Submit your Team

You must send an e-mail regarding your interest to: desportoadaptado@apexa.org  or formacao@apexa.org after that, in about 7 days you will receive your team Registration form to send back to us until  2019 June 30th



The tournament begins with group play. The teams are divided into groups of four or five where all the teams will meet in a round robin series. Classification / standings will be determined according to points. A victory is 3 points; Draw 1 point; Defeat 0 points. The two best teams in each group will advance to TIFA Trophy Playoff. The other teams in the group will play the FIDELIDADE Cup Playoff. The playoff matches are played by direct elimination and in case of draw will be decided by penalties according to FIFA’s regulations. All players must be insured, both for games and leisure time. Arrival for all teams is at least 12 Hours before the tournament first match. The group stage will be held during Morning, the Elimination Rounds will take place in the Afternoon, so the teams must stay in the Sport Complex all day until the prize ceremony. We ensure the snacks, on-site health support and prizes for every team.

Important Dates

2019 January 2nd For this Year’s TIFA edition Online Registrations Open

2019 June 30th Online Registrations Deadline

60 Days Before Tournament – Number of Players and STAFF confirmation

30 Days Before Tournament – Arriving date and players list confirmation

2019 September 17th Game Schedule divulgation

2019 September 26th Arriving Day

2019 September 27th Tournament Day

2019 September 28th “See you next year” Party

In case of unforeseen circumstances, TIFA Organization reserves the right to be able to change above mentioned dates, if this happens we will notify your team by the given contacts.

Accommodation Categories

Hotel Accommodation, Flight Booking and Transfers must be provided by the Club/Association/School. TIFA organization can provide you all the contacts for Hotels in the Tournament Area (with special prices for groups) so you can directly contact them.

The participation in the tournament is FREE and includes: Lunch Snack; Water Bottles; First Aid Health Assistance; Participation Medals and a Team Trophy (one for team)

Like we said, there is a limited number of teams accepted in the Tournament. This is normally fully booked in May.




Submit your Team

You must send an e-mail regarding your interest to: desportoadaptado@apexa.org  or formacao@apexa.org after that, in about 7 days you will receive your team Registration form to send back to us until  2019 June 30th